Need a little help?

HRV Ventilation

The HRV ventilation system is an easy system to operate, but sometimes an instruction manual does lend a hand.

If you’ve lost yours or have moved into a house with an HRV ventilation system but no manual, you can download a PDF version below, or use our quickguide videos.

Have you got the latest HRV Next Generation Ventilation system? - See below:



  • LCD Controller (Blue and Red arrow) Instruction Manual - Download HERE
  • LCD Controller (Black arrows) Instruction Manual - Download HERE

Have you any of the keypads above, see how to operate your HRV Ventilation system below:

  •  LED Controller (Temperature button) Instruction Manual -  Download HERE


HRV Other Products

  • Whole Home Water Filtration system - This system is connected to your home's main water supply, therefore does not need a manual to operate. If you are wanting to arrange your yearly Water filter change and service, please contact us HERE or if you have any other questions, feel free to email us.

  • Vortex Bathroom Extractor fan - This extractor fan is installed as a set and forget product, meaning it does not need an operation manual to operate. For any questions regarding our Vortex fan, click here.