Retro-Fit Double Glazed Windows for Better Home Insulation - 05/07/2016

After what seemed like a long and balmy autumn, winter is more than officially here. Whether you love the winter months or are barely making it out of bed in the morning because it’s so cold, there’s probably universal agreement that nobody likes condensation on the windows or a cold draught coming in because of old windows that barely fit in their casements anymore. While most newly built homes should have double-glazed windows readily installed, most older homes probably don’t and this could be the cause of a heap of the winter woes in your home. Up to 48% of all heat lost in Kiwi homes escapes through your windows. Not only does it result in a colder home, but it means that it’s going to take longer and require more power to maintain a comfortable temperature. If you are losing large amounts heat through your windows then you are probably spending much more on heating than you need to be. If you are renovating or upgrading your home, it’s a really good idea to think about making your home as insulated and cost-efficient as possible. HRV’s retro-fit double glazed windows could be the perfect solution for your renovation as it doesn’t require installing a whole new window frame. Depending on the type of windows you have and the condition that they’re in, a secondary glaze can be installed over the top of your existing single glazed window. This will be less time consuming than a total window upgrade, is a little easier on the wallet and the installation process is so simple and easy that you’ll feel the effects of a more insulated home in no time. 


How does retro-fit double glazing work?

If you’re going to invest in double glazed windows, understanding just how much they help to insulate, cool down when needed, and when combined with other HRV home solutions, make your home healthier, is essential. Heat is lost through regular single glazed windows because there are lots of places heat can escape – in the gaps between the window and the frame, but also from the window pane itself. This is due to many factors – with age glass moves and warps, changing the way it sits within the frame. If you’ve got older windows the putty itself can move and wear away, as does wood, leaving a lot of space for chill draughts to come in, and for heat to escape. Double glazing your pre-existing windows provides a layer of insulation: an extra layer of glass is added to your window frame leaving a gap between the existing glass and the new layer. By creating this gap between the two layers of glass, an insulation pocket is created making it more difficult for heat to escape through the glass itself. If you double glaze all of the windows in your home, you can improve the thermal resistance of your single glazed windows by 150%.


What kinds of double-glazing options do I have?

If you still need convincing that retro-fit double glazing can be a great insulation solution for your home, remember that double glazed windows do more than just keep heat inside. Aside from acting as a thermal solution so your home is warmer in winter and cooler in summer, the right kind of window insulation can reduce UV damage to furniture and curtains, reduce noise disturbance, help clear unwanted condensation and the best part is that it is easily installed. An HRV double glazed window consultation is a simple process. We’ll come over and chat to you about the best solution for your home and measure your windows so that we can provide you an accurate and cost-effective quote. If you don’t want all the windows in your house to be double-glazed, or some rooms are more important to insulate than others, we’ll tailor a solution to fit your needs exactly. Installation is easy and quick resulting in a more comfortable home almost instantly. After your initial consult, our Insulglaze panels are fitted to the window sashes in your home, adhered with a magnetic frame and colour-matched to suit your existing window frame colour. Alternatively, consider our Solar Gard window film solution. Window film can save energy and help improve insulation performance by up to 88%. It also protects your furniture from UV damage like discolouration. With either solution, you can have a more energy efficient home and most importantly, a healthier and more comfortable one.


How retro-fit double glazing can be part of a total home solution 

Retro-fit double glazing is a great way to ensure energy efficiency and insulation in your home. Double glazing costs can vary depending on what you’re looking for and the best solution for your home. A consultation will provide an accurate quote so get in touch with us for more information on how you can cost-effectively double glaze windows. If you’re interested in a total home solution that provides condensation control, thermal insulation, healthy breathing spaces and an overall comfortable living environment, retro-fit double glazed windows provide even better comfort and efficiency when combined with HRV’s other home solutions. Every home is different and that’s why we want to make sure that your home gets the attention it deserves and the right HRV solution to suit your home and your family. If your home is cold, damp and uncomfortable in winter, the effect of double glazed windows can be complemented with a great home ventilation system and a heat transfer system. This would ensure that all of the heat that’s being saved through the double glazed windows is being utilised and spread throughout the main areas in your home. This is just one example of how HRV can help make your house a a haven, ensuring warmth, comfort and health. If you want to know more about what’s best for you, enter your details into our home solution generator and discover what HRV can do you for you and your home. An HRV consultation includes a thorough evaluation of your home, providing you with the information you need to create your healthy home invironment. There’s a cost-effective solution for everyone – nobody needs to suffer from a cold and damp home, so give us a call or check out our website and get started today.


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