Retro Fit Double Glazing - Is Your Home Fit For Winter? - 17/03/2017

If you’ve got an older house, chances are that it’ll be fitted out with the trusty single glazed window.They seem to be fine in summer, only if you can keep them open! And when winter comes along they seem to do nothing to keep heat in - they let it out. It’s bearable until you visit your friend’s new pad and realise that you really are missing out on heat, comfort, insulation and potential energy savings. Most new homes are fitted with double glazed windows, for good reason - they insulate and keep you warm. If you don’t have a new home though, don’t fret! HRV are here to save the day, with retrofit double glazing for your windows. Retrofit kinda sounds like we’re taking you on a trip back to the 60s but what we’re actually doing is allowing your home to still look like it’s from the 60s with all the perks of double glazing that newer houses have, without having to install new windows. Retrofitting secondary glazing to existing windows means that you’ll save on installation costs, and the whole process can be done with minimal disturbance to your home and everyday life. Plus, because we use your existing windows, you’re saving a trip to the dump where your old frames and windows would probably end up in a landfill. Now is a better time than ever to begin thinking about retro-fit double glazing for your windows because they’re not only great for you house in winter, they’re amazing in summer as well. Here’s how.

 HRV Retro Fit Double Glazing System

What is retro fit double glazing?

Our Insulglaze secondary glazing system is a way of creating an insulating layer with normal air, between two panes. As air is a natural insulator, it keeps the heat in your home when it needs to, and lets your house stay cooler in summer. Insulglaze is innovative, looks great, and is a retro fit window system that is manufactured from optical-grade acrylic and uPVC extrusion. The optical-grade acrylic used is 3% clearer than glass and doesn’t distort, yellow or craze like other products have been known to do. And while all of that might seem like crazy jargon, it basically means that retro fitted windows allow just as much natural sunlight into your home as regular windows, and because it’s not just your regular glass, it’s 11 times more break resistant and doesn’t shatter in the same way. Even though Insulglaze is 11 times more break resistant than regular glass, it’s also only up to 50% of the weight, so it’s lighter and more break resistant, safer for you and your family. It’ also super easy to install. our friendly and efficient HRV team can have the job done in no time - installation consists of measuring your windows, and tailor making a new Insulglaze frame to fit, that is magnetized. It looks smart, and barely noticeable, but the differences in temperature and UV protection will be noticed and appreciated by you and your whole whanau straight away.


What are the benefits of retro fit double glazing in my home?

Our many happy customers are a testament to the wonders of retro fit double glazed windows. Feeling warmer in winter and cooler in summer are just some of the reasons that our customers are satisfied, which makes us even happier. There are heaps of other benefits to retro-fit double glazing and we want you to experience all of them, no matter what your budget. Retro fit double glazing costs a lot less than brand new window frames. By double glazing existing windows, you’re already saving heaps more than if you had planned on doing the full shebang and tearing your existing windows out. If you are extra budget conscious, you can just focus on installing secondary glazing to the windows of the main areas in your home like lounges, living rooms and bedrooms, as well as larger windows that are responsible for most heat loss. That way, the majority of your home still receives the benefits of double glazed windows. The great thing about retro fit windows too, is that you can choose from a range of options to suit the colour and style of your existing window frames for a natural look. You and your family will reap the most benefits from secondary glazed windows though, as your home will be healthier and more comfortable to live in. By reducing outside noise your family will sleep better with less distractions, even your furniture will love you, as Insulglaze helps protect fade from excess UV exposure.

 Window Measured Ready For Retrofit Double Glazing To be Installed

How Retro fit double glazing can be used as a total home solution

Our whole ethos is about creating the best possible home Invironment for you and your family. All of our services and products are designed to maximise health and comfort, so that Kiwis enjoy being at home. Retro fit double glazing is just one of the many things we offer to help you achieve making your home a sanctuary, and it’s even more effective when used with some of other home solutions. We know that each home is different and unique, so our assessment for each home reflects that. Whilst retro-fit double glazing can be used for all windows in the home, sometimes other windows can benefit from our Ecolux 70 window film, which is an environmentally friendly solution that has similar effects to secondary glazing. Our window film is placed over existing glass, to help you achieve energy savings by improving insulation, keeping the sun and heat out in summer, and reflecting heat back into the room in winter. With all your windows sussed, you can think about temperature and ventilation systems that will ensure condensation, dampness and mould are things definitely of the past, and that clean and fresh air are are your pleasant future. By fitting your home with ventilation and temperature control systems, you’re ensuring the health and comfort of your family this summer - think about cool air running through the house, fresh air coming in, and your new retro fit double glazed windows helping that cool air stay in and circulate. Sounds pretty ideal! If you’d like a relaxing, cool home this summer, or just want to prepare early for winter like you say you’ll do every year - give us a call for a home assessment and we’ll see you right!

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