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Creating a perfect home environment is something we all aspire to. How we go about it depends on our individual home and family needs. HRV offer a range of products and solutions tailored to your home’s specific needs. If you’re looking at ways to improve your home’s windows and doors, consider a relatively new product – Low emissivity window film (Low E window film). The window film helps you adapt your home to be warmer in winter and cooler in summer, whilst saving you money on heating and air-conditioning costs and improving your home’s insulation. The Low-E film works in conjunction with your existing single or double-glazed windows, doors or skylights.



A perfect home environment means different things to different people. Think about it for a minute – what is the purpose of your home and what sort of environment do you need to feel safe, happy and comfortable? Our homes are a sanctuary where our loved-ones live, work, play, relax and recharge – we all need a healthy place to call home that meets all of our needs.

We all have different aspirations in life; our needs are individual and unique – but we do share one common goal. Every Kiwi wants their home to be as comfortable and healthy as possible – we care about our family and we want them to be safe, well, and happy. Keeping our homes warm and dry and winter and cool and comfortable in summer can be a challenge. Let’s take a closer look at Solar Gard Ecolux Window film and how it works.



We all know that windows can let heat escape in winter – a 2012 study in the U.S. reported that up to 35% of energy wasted in buildings is due to inefficient windows. Likewise, in summer, solar heat, UV rays and the sun’s glare radiates into our homes through windows, often causing our home to overheat. Low E window film tackles these issues with an environmentally safe and cost-effective solution.

Low E window film is transparent and consists of a thin layer of polyester with a micro-thin metal coating. The adhesive film can be carefully cut by our experts to fit your windows and doors perfectly. It is installed by sticking the film to the inside of your glass window or door panes.

Designed with advanced technology, the solar spectral sensitivity of the window film allows an optimal amount of light into your home whilst reflecting ambient heat away from your house in summer, and back into your house in winter. The overall result: you can improve the insulation performance of your home by up to 88% and make significant energy cost savings.



The summer sun is always welcome in our lives but can play havoc with the soft furnishings in our home. Prolonged exposure to summer’s frequently high UV levels can cause fading and damage to our carpets, curtains and furniture. The good news is that Low E window film provides protection from the harmful UV rays.


On those warm summer days when we don’t want our homes to overheat, the Low E film provides benefits that extend to our home comfort, health and finances:

  • Our house temperature is kept comfortable – the innovative technology of the window film rejects some of the sun’s heat outwards; away from the house. This maintains a comfortable temperature that allows us to get on with our daily lives without the discomfort caused by overheating
  • We can sleep easy – the fact that our house doesn’t absorb as much heat during the day means we stay cooler at night ­– getting a good night’s sleep is essential to staying healthy
  • We save money – window film improves insulation, meaning we save energy costs by having to cool our homes less with fans or air conditioning
  • UV protection – the Low E film allows the sunlight to brighten our home whilst keeping damaging UV rays out. It protects us and our skin from sun damage and protects our home interior too – preventing our furniture and carpets from fading



During the cold, wet and frosty months of winter we want our homes to be warm, dry and healthy. The climate in New Zealand means that dampness and mould can be common issues that can cause illness and respiratory problems. Low E film can provide solutions to some of our winter problems:

  • Warmth is retained in our homes –The heat generated inside your home is reflected back into your home – not escaping as easily as it would through glass surfaces that are not protected
  • Daylight is not compromised ­– on the darker winter days when we need as much sunlight as we can get to keep us, and our home cheery, the natural light filtered through the Low E film is not compromised



New houses are built with double glazed windows, helping insulate your home and protecting you and your home interior from damaging UV rays. That’s all well and good for newer house owners but what about older houses? What are the options for improving older homes?

There are a number of options available to you: double glazing existing windows may be the best solution if your windows and doors need substantial repair work. If you’re looking to upgrade your existing windows without replacing them entirely with new double glazed units, Low E film or retro fitted double glazing are solutions to consider.

Retro fitted double glazing allows you to add a layer to your existing windows that provides a sealed insulating air gap, keeping your home warmer, drier and protected from harmful UV rays.

Insulglaze is a stylish and robust retro fit option manufactured from optical grade acrylic and uPVC extrusion which creates a material 11 times more break resistant than standard glass and 3% clearer. The innovate Insulglaze system is fitted to insulate both your existing windows and frames – ensuring a comprehensive approach to insulation. The secondary glazing options best suited to you will depend on the condition of your existing windows. You can find out more about Insulglaze on the HRV website, or retro fit alternatives to double glazing on the Energywise website.



At HRV we understand that every home is different, which is why we offer a free home consultation service. Our experts can assess your home environment and recommend and discuss options with you that are tailored to your specific needs. HRV offer a broad range of solutions to help you create a healthy and pure environment allowing you to live comfortably and breathe easy.
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