Asthma and Allergies

HRV can help to remove the triggers of Asthma & Allergies


Air and water - they’re the most essential elements we need to live. So why do we think so little about just what we’re breathing or drinking?


Our passion at HRV is to make your whole home a lot healthier – and it can be acheived with the total home solutions we’ve developed.


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Respiratory conditions in New Zealand

Asthma in New Zealand

According to the Asthma and Respiratory Foundation NZ, 1 in 7 Kiwi kids and 1 in 9 Kiwi adults take asthma medication – that’s 521,000 people.

In addition, 7,466 Kiwis have been admitted to hospital for asthma of which 47% were children. The cost of asthma to the nation is over $858 million per year.

Reference: Telfar Barnard, L., Baker, M., Pierse, N., & Zhang, J (2015). The Impact of Respiratory Disease in New Zealand: 2014 update. Wellington: Asthma Foundation


Asthma and Respiratory Foundation NZ - Sensitive Choice


Sensitive ChoiceHRV is approved by the Sensitive Choice programme which has a focus on Kiwis breathing purer, cleaner, fresher air.
While Sensitive Choice approved products do not claim to offer cures or treatment for conditions, we conscientiously work to help cleanse and purify the air in your home, helping to reduce asthma triggers.





Allergy New Zealand


Allergy NZOur world-class technology, combined with the education, advice and expertise we’ve gained from working with Allergy New Zealand makes our products a powerful choice in the fight against airborne toxins. 




How it works

Premium pure air

Using the latest home filtration technology exclusive to HRV, a SETA Diffuser Filter gives an even higher level of protection against airborne allergens and captures even microscopic particles.

HRV's Next Generation ventilation system, built with world-class SETA filters, filters the air in your home through a multi-stage process capturing pollen, spores and bacteria before they enter our homes –

Graduated density fabric traps the tiniest particles
Fibres are electrostatically charged to attract smaller particles
A unique SETA nano-fibre layer with fibres 500 times thinner than a human hair trap allergens – this is also infused with natural antibacterial qualities
Finally, optional SETA Diffuser Filters in the individual rooms of your home give an extra level of antibacterial protection.

Reduce condensation and control moisture

Learn more about how HRV Ventilation can solve prolonged moisutre and condensation issues in your home.

How to reduce mould & dampness

Living in a mouldy or damp home is not just uncomfortable - it may be dangerous to our health. Discover the benefits of our nano-filtration to your home.

Remove odours in your home

Sick of dealing with cooking smells, pet odours and other odours? Find out how you can replace all of that with clean, fresh air with HRV.

Create a more comfortable home with HRV. Take a look a some specific issues faced by kiwi homes below or view our full ventilation product range:

What our customers say

The MacLeod’s are a family of four who moved into a large newly built home with an HRV ventilation system. With asthma being an on-going problem they noticed an improvement, almost overnight, in their children’s health - now everyone gets a good night’s sleep.

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